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An enveloping and firm teacher, Héloïse Rémy sees beauty in everyone, underlines it and highlights it. From this point, if you allow yourself to be guided, you will blossom. It's all about accepting our qualities and surpassing our difficulties without hanging on them.

Technically, Héloïse insists specifically on the center, the breath, and the connection to Earth and sky. From this base, she adds access to right presence, listening to oneself, to the partners and to the environnment.

Héloïse guides her students toward a personal dance that belongs to themselves, it is a respectful dance for oneself and for others - a free and beautiful dance about the simple beauty men and women touch when they are simply themselves.

Héloïse Rémy's teaching suggests discipline and listening without any hierarchy between students. Each one finds his place in harmony with the group.

We go into Héloïse's workshop like in a ritual where beginning and end merge in an atmosphere of rigour and freedom.

<< Photo : Yannick Briand