Evreux, 28th of May 2010

Hello everyone,

Welcome on Lamadeo's website, where you can discover our artistic path, our choreographic projets and workshops.
Our main project, Crossing, a choreography for a group of human beings breathing together, took place in Grand-Couronne (France) on April the 24th. Really efficiently, the dancers, adults and children were abble to establish a unified group, with a good quality and simplicity that touched me a lot. Congratulations to them !
The next Crossing will be organised in Montreal on August 28th, for Aires Libres, an eco-artistic happening. I feel proud to participate to this event that offers the Sainte-Catherine street to pedestrians all summer.
For those who want to dance in this Crossing, please complete the registration form and send it to : latraversee@lamadeo.com

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To know more about this event : www.aireslibres.com

In France, we have a photo exhibition at Jodafa in Evreux until July the 3rd (16, rue de La Harpe). Photos from Crossings in Quebec, France and Ecuador are showed with texts-testimonies of Crossings' dancers.
Right now I am in France, my home country, and I feel that this society is tired in front of the evident destruction of all the public services (health insurance, education, hospitals, schools, universities, pension scheme...), but at the same time, I meet nice people, open and generous, who stand together and are ready to go on. We don't have to give up, there is always a way to make things better and to show beauty wherever it is.
These days, I am thinking about the essential, about what's essential to live during our passage on earth. Health and self respect are important. And there is love, the links we develop during all our life. On the last day, that's all we'll have : those links.
To life and to love...
And thanks to this wonderful spring that offered us such beautiful flowers ans fruits.

Much love,

Héloïse Rémy


<< Photo : Anya Tikhomirova